Every company must develop a comprehensive integrative marketing strategy based on their customers, their industry, and their unique company needs. Integrated marketing is more than simply consistent branding and external messaging. Integrated marketing consists of internal and external processes and strategies designed to provide customers with a consistent, quality, and satisfying experience with your company.

Integrated marketing strategy planning sessions include developing branded messaging, rich content, online resources, inbound and outbound campaigns, internal processes and schedules, and identifying metrics to measure progress. Your customer-facing sales, customer service, and public relations teams will use a variety of tools and platforms including social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, blogging, analytics, listening tools and more.

Technology has made marketing more effective (and less complicated) than ever before. With the aid of many of the current social media platforms and networks, businesses can reach far more customers than previously possible, and also create and maintain close relationships with customers on a much broader scale.

If you are interested in developing an integrated marketing strategy for your company, please complete this form: Schedule a Marketing Consultation

Scheduling a marketing consultation is the first step to develop an integrated marketing strategy that works for your business. The consultation will help you:

  • identify customer target markets and create customer profiles
  • choose social media platforms and monitoring tools based on your target markets
  • develop the content and resources your customers need
  • create a manageable marketing process and schedule that works with your team
  • identify relevant metrics to measure marketing efforts and determine ROI