#140MTL Exploring the State of NOW – May 15th, Montreal


If you’ve never heard of a 140 Character Conference  (or 140conf for short),  move along….nothing for you to read here.

I’m just kidding! Don’t you dare go anywhere!

Briefly, the 140conf concept begin with a guy named Jeff Pulver in 2009. Jeff is a brilliant entrepreneur who turned an interest in internet telephony into pioneering VoIP and becoming the number one thought leader on anything Real-Time Web. Pulver created the 140conf as a way to share ideas, experiences and information about how the web in real time – specifically Twitter – is changing the way we do business, the way we form relationships, the way we live, love and learn. He calls it the  “Sate of NOW”.

There’s one in Montreal next Tuesday – #140MTL – and not only am I going, I’m in the speaker line up which is quite cool even for a ham like me.

I met the the brilliant producers behind this conference – Mila Araujo and Josepf Haslam – in Buffalo back in February at another awesome conference which was produced by Renee Martinez. (I wrote about that one here in case you missed it).

The line up of speakers Mila and Josepf have selected for this conference is truly diverse, amazing and extraordinary.  And the topics each is going to speak about is even more so. There will be talks on social business, healthcare, community building, relationships, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lots of other ‘ships’.

I plan to tell a rather funny story about…..oh, you’ll have to register and attend to find out.

Some people attend conferences to learn new cool stuff, others attend conferences to network and meet new cool people. I’m meeting more and more people though, who attend conferences to do both.

The list of those speaking at #140MTL who I’ve been dying to meet is quite long – here’s just a few: JC Little, Susan Borst, Karton Utter, Ric Dragon (of DragonSearch), Lewis Poretz, Ted Curtin, Mitch Joel, Doina Oncel – these are the people who are so often a part of my day on Twitter (or in the #usguys/#usgals Facebook groups) that’s it’ll be like running into old friends.

But here’s the entire list of speakers because I actually can’t wait to meet them ALL! (and re-meet the ones I already know -> Deb Weinstein, Peter McGregor, Renee Martinez, Sam Fiorella, and of course Team Mila & Josepf.

I’m so excited about attending #140confMTL that here’s what I’ve already crossed off my To-Do List:

  • Buy extra battery for phone so it doesn’t die  “mid-tweet”
  • Pick up large wad of Canadian money at bank
  • Watch movies in French with subtitles turned off for practice
  • Ask hubby if passport photo makes me look fat (“No!” he quickly says  – the smart man that he is)

So for those of you not already registered – do so. Like right now.

See you there!


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