Custom Training for You, Your Team or Your Whole Company

Tired of sending your team to classes or training sessions where they didn’t seem to learn anything new? Or maybe they didn’t learn anything specific to their job rolls or industry?

Or how about paying for training when you have no idea who the instructor is until the day of the session?

Stop paying for ineffective, generic training that leaves your staff bored, uninspired and unmotivated.

I’ll create a custom class designed for your team based on your industry and your company. Training sessions are detailed, interactive and fun.  Additionally, training sessions are conducted at your convenience where and when you want them – anywhere in the world.

More importantly, all training sessions are confidential.

Examples of training include:

  • Creating, Implementing & Evaluating a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Creating Successful Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Using Online Tools to Monitor Your Company Reputation
  • Customer Relationship Management Basics
  • Integrating Technology Tools into Your Sales Process
  • Using Twitter as a CRM Tool
  • Customizing Google Analytics to Provide Valuable Web Traffic Insight
  • Setting Up a Personal or Company LinkedIn Profile
  • Using LinkledIn to Generate Sales Leads
  • Setting Up a Company Facebook Page
  • Using Facebook Advertising to Generate Sales

If you are interested in training for yourself or your staff, please complete the form below.